SHOOT: kaboom signs kent harvey


Director/DP kent harvey has joined kaboom, the shop with offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles under the aegis of executive producer/owner lauren schwartz. A recent collaboration in which schwartz tapped into harvey's expertise to lens segments of kaboom's upcoming TV series (The Master Guide) with Fox Sports sparked a conversation about the director coming aboard kaboom for representation, moving him more deeply into brand-based and advertising projects including spots, online campaigns and long-form branded content. This marks harvey's first signing with a national production house. He has up until now worked independently on ad assignments and with companies on a per-project basis either as a director/DP or just a DP. Over the years, he's established a reputation for action/lifestyle work. His experience climbing and filming on Mt. Everest, Mount Vinson, Aconcagua, Elburs, Denali, Kilimanjaro as well as in exotic locations like Antarctica, Asia, and South America has given the director a broad worldview with a global, human perspective. This unique vantage point has informed his work for Ford (DP via production company VRA), American Express (DP - no production company, produced by CP&B), Eddie Bauer/First Ascent (director/DP - Eddie Bauer in-house), Victory motorcycles (DP - Garage Films), Arctic Cat (director/DP - Prod Co: Webeye Group), Skidoo (director/DP via Drive Thru productions) and many others. Harvey is a long-time climber, mountaineer, skier, kayaker, mountain biker and fly fisherman, and is able to capitalize on these skill sets when he is behind the camera.

On the feature film front, harvey is a well known action unit shooter. His work has appeared in such high-profile movies as Limitless, Iron Man, Hancock, Iron Man 2, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Spider-Man 3, Cowboys and Aliens, Captain America and the soon-to-be-released 21 Jump Street.