SHOOT: Industry Reflections


Reflecting on 2011 can bring both a sigh of relief and a rush of excitement, and the two feelings aren’t mutually exclusive. Both are tied to the notion that after persevering, better things could be just around the corner – and that’s not entirely due to looking at the industry landscape through rose-colored glasses. lauren schwartz, owner/executive producer, kaboom productions, San Francisco & L.A.

We have been diversifying our offerings and projects for the last five years, but 2011 reflected a real shift from kaboom being a commercial production company that does “other work” to a true content company whose work reflects the “other” integrated with advertising. I would venture to say this is true for many other companies. In fact – there is not much out there these days that is truly and purely “traditional” in the sense that we knew it to be ten years ago.

Our feature film Sironia and, even more so, our TV pilot/series for Fox Sports, has really helped inform how we approach our spot work. For example, with our TV show we were able to create great documentary sports and travel content with a support crew of five. So the next time an agency approached us with a challenging budget that needed to deliver high production value we had a new way of thinking, and understood what was truly possible. How we execute a TV spot is not going to be same as how we approach a docu TV show, but we certainly were able to bring our knowledge from that medium to advertising projects and capitalize on the “best practices” from that experience.

We are storytellers, for brands, agencies, and other partners. Having developed a director roster that is multi-faceted (Director/editor, director/photographer, director/DP, director/writer, etc.) has really helped us traverse this new landscape, and I think it will prove effective in the years to come.