Little Black Book


We’ve all been there: nervously anticipating a presentation otherwise known as the moment before the moment. kaboom director michele atkins captures this feeling, and the way cloud-based software Prezi can transform presentations and hold the attention of any audience. The spot unites subtle performance with motion graphic design that, like Prezi’s capabilities, will draw your boss’s attention away from her smart phone. “It was great to convey this feeling we all must go through before we are to deliver,” comments michele. “Whether it’s the moment before a big game or the minutes before a sales meeting – it’s critical knowing you have the right tools in place to win. The butterfly sensation is something universal, but finding the right actors who were able to communicate that authentically was key.”

During some of the down time inevitable on set, michele, who also served as DP, filmed actors while they were waiting. In doing so, she was able to capture their true-life pre-performance moment. Enhanced natural lighting was used to produce authenticity of the moment.