SHOOT: Wi-Fi Hunters


HP/Qualcomm’s new campaign via agency Doremus marks a return to comedy for kaboom’s doug werby, a director known for eliciting subtle and compelling performance in any genre. The spots are deeply relatable narratives about a truly modern day dilemma; the pitfalls and ridiculous lengths we go to in the pursuit of secure, high quality Wi-Fi. werby says the key elements driving the spots are the magic of misdirection, with casting and performance creating contrast in every spot. Juxtaposition of characters, location and tone, set up the audience’s expectation about the unfolding stories, which quickly turn to reveal a moment of comedic truth.

“doug has a great talent for turning raw scripts and boards into great spots,” explains Creative Director Mark Dunn. “He pluses the work, but stays true to the core concept and brand voice. From casting through final cuts, Doug has a unique eye for detail that comes through in the final product explains Creative Director Josh Locker.

Shot over two days, the spots – five distinct narratives in all - were also edited by werby. “We had great fun on the shoot, and there were so many excellent performances that I couldn’t wait to get into the edit room,” enthuses werby, who has collaborated with Doremus on a number of projects. “Working with the agency was fantastic. They trusted us to honor the concept and were willing and open to try anything, including improvisation, for the sake of the project.”