SHOOT: erik moe for Colgate


kaboom’s erik moe has directed a digital series for Colgate via agency Red Fuse/NY designed to entertain and inform parents about oral health care. The charming short films, interviews shot against white (naturally), can be enjoyed on Colgate’s “ToothTube” channel: For erik moe, the project synthesized his experience directing and writing comedy; the humor in the narratives flows from the fluid interplay between the affable host and the candid, unscripted responses from children. The topics include the tooth fairy, how long to brush, and the way to make a dentist visit fun for kids. To effectively capitalize on the moments and shape each narrative, the host was wired with an ear bud so that director erik moe could offer realtime lines and direction to facilitate the exchange between the host and his adorable interview subjects without missing a beat.

ShootersNYC Editor Dave Bradley was a perfect fit for the Colgate project. With a keen sense of comedic timing, Bradley collaborated closely with the agency creatives on finding just the right segments to include in the edit. There was a wealth of material to choose from, and Bradley says his focus in the editorial was to find the moments that had the perfect comedic tone and allowed the messaging to come through. Working with kids, finding the right rhythm and style, so that it feels true and fresh; was a key part to Bradley's collaborative process on the Colgate project. Additionally, with the arsenal of creative capabilities at ShootersNYC (editorial, color correction, visual effects and audio), the Colgate project was able to get done extremely smoothly under a very tight timeline.