James is a multi-skilled director and cinematographer from London, UK. His work is best described as ‘cinematically realized human stories’, with documentary filmmaking at the heart of his visual style. He began his career in feature documentaries for television, shooting on several high-profile series before finding his way into the world of commercials and content.

In 2017 he was shortlisted for a Shots Young Director Award in Cannes, for his film 'Why This Road?' for Charles Schwab and won an Evcom Silver Screen award for Cinematography on his series of films for Dorset Cereals.

In contrast to his documentary work, his portfolio also extends to food and beverages. His documentary style translates across to his food cinematography, creating beautifully captured and technical images whilst retaining that real edge.

james lives in the UK, where you can find him as an aerial drone pilot, a pretty handy editor and a dad to two daughters… (that’s where the multi-skilled bit comes in!!)


Stay tuned for more about James!!