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Jordan Brady



Caroling with Kathryn Hahn Chrysler Pacifica S

Buick Fandom University w Lamorne Morris

Bumper Sticker

Panoramic Sunroof w Jim Gaffigan Street Smarts



"Respect The Process" is an entertaining dive into the art & craft of commercial filmmaking featuring conversations with people who make the magic happen.

Listen to one on one chats with filmmakers about commercials by the filmmakers and creatives that make them. Hosted by filmmaker Jordan Brady, director of over 1200 commercials, 4 feature films, 3 full-length documentaries and one Netflix special. Jordan is the Founder of Commercial Directing Film School.

You can find podcast episodes here:

You can also listen on Spotify & Apple Podcasts!



A self-taught filmmaker and stand-up comic, jordan brady has directed four narrative feature films, three feature documentaries, over 1000 commercials, and one Netflix Comedy Special.  Whether collaborating with the likes of Will Farrell, Charlize Theron, Penélope Cruz, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon or directing non-actors, brady is known for genuinely connecting subject and audience - with canny timing. This talent has earned numerous industry awards and articles in industry publications. He’s the host of the podcast “Respect The Process” and runs his own filmmaking bootcamp for next-generation and underrepresented creative voices. His feature documentary trilogy about what it means to be a comedian has been screened at numerous festivals, streaming networks, and at special fundraising events for military families. Combating apathy with empathy is the driving force behind everything. 

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