Serious money advice delivered in playful WesBanco campaign

Serious money tips get a playful twist in a new campaign directed by kaboom’s Dave Garcia for WesBanco via their agency of record, Brunner.

Two spots, Let’s Talk Credit Scores and Let’s Talk Tomorrow, take a real-world gamified approach to get people thinking about healthy money management. The third commercial features people offering sage advice, a mix of heartwarming, funny and even poignant experiences shared.

Dave Garcia brought his experience as a Director/Editor to the project to play for post and efficiently capture the best performances and various environments during the one-day, one location Austin-based shoot.

Garcia’s creative viewpoint and expertise, combined with kaboom’s production acumen, delivered creative diversity within an efficient day. The resulting vignettes demystify money matters with an approachable style, an embodiment of WesBanco’s award-winning service and tools that can help transform people’s spending, saving and investing mindset.

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