Trust The Way You Pay: kaboom x PayPal Create Playful Adventures To Relay Serious Solutions

A new campaign, directed by Plummer/Strauss and produced by kaboom, highlights the way PayPal can assist in life’s many tricky situations.

Need noise canceling headphones for a neighbor blasting music? Need overnight replacement for a child’s favorite stuffed animal mistaken for a dog's chew toy? Concerned about the keypad cover up? Plummer/Strauss deftly directed these playful and comedic riffs on relatable situations. You can Trust The Way You Pay with PayPal.

Collaborating with trusted casting partners in both Los Angeles and San Francisco meant the spots had the best talent for each of the fun-infused, custom narratives. Shot over three days in the Bay Area, the kaboom team made the most of their local knowledge to leverage multiple locations in the East Bay, and in Marin at 32Ten Studios- a stage location where they also built a custom set.

“Working directly with a client’s in-house agency is always such a rewarding experience," says Lauren Schwartz, owner/EP of kaboom. “You are that much closer to the brand, and the creative team brings this legacy knowledge along with fresh ideas to the collaboration which ultimately inspires and elevates the work.”

kaboom also helmed the post process, working with Blake Bogosian at Beast Editorial and tapping its artist network to build a freelance team for color and finish. To create a signature sonic personality for the mini tales of tribulation, kaboom sourced a trio of music houses, one for each spot. The result? A dream team on a campaign to match, all fueled by  trust.

The Coverup:

The Hungry Hippo:

Noise Cancelled:

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