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Plummer / Strauss



plummer : strauss.jpg

Justin (the Plummer) and Martin (the Strauss) are directing partners that use classic cinematic techniques to create stylized imagery for films and branded content. They met studying film production at San Francisco State University, where they discovered their mutual interest in narrative visual storytelling and ultimately joined forces to become Plummer/Strauss.


The duo’s filmmaking career was officially launched when they were shortlisted for the Young Director Award and appeared in SHOOT Magazine’s New Director Showcase. Since then they have directed spots for Comcast, O2, Ralph Lauren, Ben & Jerry's, Jim Beam, Cisco, The United Nations, and Dell. In each, they blend captivating imagery and cinematic aesthetics to deliver playful, intense, seductive, intricate, and unexpected narratives. That’s the playground of Plummer/Strauss. 

As a BIPOC director, Justin Plummer is heartened to see changes in the industry - and society at large - that support underrepresented voices; and he and Martin Strauss are proud to be represented by a production company that is a certified Woman-Owned Business (WBENC).

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