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production + post united.

Companies talk about seeing work through post. We’ve always done it. We have directors who love to edit their own projects and directors who love to edit work by our other talent. We have a client-facing edit suite at kaboom HQ. We also have a team of go-to colorists, audio mixers, graphic designers, and finishing specialists who we bring into kaboom. It is a hands on, nimble, and flexible approach to post production that is critical to meet today’s content needs. It’s holistic, streamlined, and really & truly in-house. That’s all part of what makes the approach powered by kaboom. 

BANG creative | Concept & Copy
creative concepts for clients

Are you a growing company that does not have an agency of record but still needs content? Are you a larger company with an in-house agency but you are maxed out? That’s where BANG, our concept and copy division, comes in. We have years of big agency experience working on brands of all sizes and styles. With BANG, we take this expertise and leverage it for today’s media reality; a world where content is pervasive so it needs to stand out. Great ideas and execution, powered by kaboom.

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