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Joining Forces For Good: Salesforce Teams With kaboom To Create “This Is A Mask”

Salesforce’s new video “This Is A Mask” is a tribute to private partnerships for public good, and the many fast-moving, integrated people and systems it took to bring 60million units of urgently needed PPE to frontline workers. To describe the massive undertaking, kaboom employed a collaborative partnership and a seamless integration of creativity from concept to delivery.

For kaboom, who was introduced to the opportunity by Salesforce’s Director/EP Peter Coffey, the project began by integrating sister company BANG, a collective of talent providing creative conception and ideation for brands and agencies. kaboom EP lauren schwartz assembled the creative team of Dylan DiBona and Peter Rudy from BANG’s network to develop an uplifting, high-energy concept working collaboratively with the team at Salesforce.

As tone and approach were honed, the production team, including director duo Plummer/Strauss, were integrated into the process for creative continuity and efficiency. Schwartz had known Plummer Strauss for many years, and when this opportunity arose, she knew they’d be the perfect team to lend their talent for visually-driven narratives to the piece. Timing on this per-project collaboration was everything - and they were excited to jump in.

kaboom’s holistic approach was supported by Plummer/Strauss’ practice of seeing projects through post; They united with a team curated through kaboom’s community and creative network including editor Nick Pezzillo who was instrumental in weaving together shot footage with documented imagery from the actual epic endeavor to provide PPE on a massive scale. In addition to ensuring creative continuity, the project was completed at the highest level of efficiency.

“We were honored to collaborate with Salesforce on this meaningful project that highlights ingenuity and intention,” comments kaboom EP/Founder lauren schwartz. “Aligning all voices in the process from the start, and harnessing key creative partners from our collective, we were able to help Salesforce illuminate this gigantic, heroic effort. The team at Salesforce, including Jenn Wang and Kaitlin Pleas were among the most amazing partners we’ve ever collaborated with, and we hope the film inspires others to help where they can, including wearing a mask.”



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