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Kaboom Harnesses New Ways Of Being Together For Eckrich

Embracing new ways of being together is an essential part of a new Eckrich spot, both on screen and behind the scenes. Sharing the social connection of a home cooked meal featuring Eckrich’s sausages, along with the brand’s video recipes and tutorials, families find quality time at the table, around the grill, and in the kitchen finding comfort together. Behind the scenes, the project was brought to life by the extended kaboom family - as directors and their families, along with the producing team, harnessed their collective resources and multi-hyphenate skill-sets to create a robust piece of content. Click here to view the spot.

Kaboom’s producer team worked hand in hand with two directors, joe stevens and doug werby, to develop an approach to the agency creative brief that would result in full-scale production value. stevens and director/editor doug werby, along with DP chris saul, turned the lens on their own families, each utilizing on-hand camera formats (Red Dragon, Alexa Mini, and Sony Venice), to capture situations of warmth and connectedness of mealtime. For brand voice and continuity, the agency worked with each team on wardrobe and decor and consulted on menu and meal execution. Constant communication between different directors allowed them to shape a unified aesthetic, led by joe stevens who brought his experience creative directing for brands to the fore. werby applied his real people directing experience to the project, which he then shaped in the edit with footage from all three set-ups. Color was done remotely with Sean Wells of Swells Studio, a frequent collaborator in the kaboom network.

“Kaboom has always worked nimbly and with clients in a variety of ways to get content to audiences,” says EP/founder lauren schwartz. “This production represents what we love about production and the philosophy we share - it’s problem solving with an all-in team. And the result is something that feels like a celebration of being together, even under challenging circumstances.”

Client: Eckrich Sausage

Agency: Trofia

Production + Post: kaboom

Directors: joe stevens, doug werby

DP: chris saul, joe stevens, doug werby

Editor: doug werby

EP: lauren schwartz

HOP & producer: steven sills

Color: Swells Studio

Colorist: Sean Wells

Finish: Marco Ramirez

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