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Director James Lovick Lands His 1st U.S. Representation, Joins Kaboom

Production house kaboom has added director james lovick to its roster, marking his first U.S. representation.

A product of a family steeped in cinema, lovick absorbed a film education on set working in a variety of crafts--editing, DP, stills photography--that continue to inform his approach as a director. It was a discovery process that led to directing acclaimed documentary series for the BBC and Channel 4, including one that followed Eddie Izzard during his journey to do 43 back-to-back marathons for Sport Relief. These invaluable opportunities in unscripted storytelling were inspiring but prolonged, so lovick turned to short-form to find his home in branded content and advertising with humanity at the fore.

The diversity of experience--windows into many worlds--and the constant problem solving opportunities are just a few of the aspects of advertising that lovick appreciates. Over the past few years, he has directed for a wide range of brands, including films for Charles Schwab, Visit Jersey, Kenwood, Baileys, Dorset Cereals, Vodafone VOXI, and WWF India.

“james is a rare talent who is able to create beautiful and compelling docu-style stories as naturally as his ability to help a product shine via tabletop,” said kaboom EP/founder lauren schwartz. “He came up through the ranks of production to find his calling as a director. He can span genres, can edit, and sees the world through a photographer’s eye. All of this makes him a force of creativity.”

In a truly contemporary twist, lovick became connected to kaboom via Instagram--where mutually admired perspectives sparked a conversation that led to his joining the company’s roster. Resourcefulness and an open approach to client collaborations were unifiers between lovick and kaboom, solidifying a relationship started, appropriately, with curated imagery.

“Lauren and I share a great many perspectives about the industry and forging meaningful relationships that help elevate the process and projects,” reflected lovick. “While I’ve spent the last few years focusing my attention on work in the UK, I am now ready to expand into the US with kaboom – a woman-owned company that’s boutique in size--accessible, involved--and with incredible reach.”

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