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Kaboom Welcomes Director Dave Garcia To Roster

kaboom is excited to welcome Director Dave Garcia to the creative family. From branded content and commercials to music videos, Dave’s work has garnered worldwide honors, including multiple Cannes Lions, D&AD and Clio Awards. At the center of each project is the desire to build connection between content and audience. The signing comes as Kaboom and Dave are about to shoot their first campaign together.

“Dave is a visual storyteller who understands authentic performance. His work is a holistic expression of his many talents; a photographer’s eye, writer’s insight, editor’s rhythm and a musician’s heart,” explains kaboom Founder/EP Lauren Schwartz. “He is an insightful and collaborative director who intuitively knows how to bring the most to the screen. What’s just as exciting and important to me is the fact that he is a genuinely thoughtful and approachable person.”

kaboom is known for its multi-talented roster, and Dave Garcia is no exception. He formed a strong creative identity during a diverse upbringing in NY, where music and a love of the arts was a staple in his childhood home. He was an acclaimed young jazz and big band trumpet player, a punk band drummer, and a retired high school baseball player, all of which inform his approach to filmmaking. Dave creates a harmony of compelling visuals and authentic performance, supported by the emotional resonance of music. He’s also known for fostering meaningful collaborations and supportive on set experience.

When it comes to joining forces with kaboom, Dave shares, “It’s the combination of many things: kaboom’s ethos, experience, track record, and support of their directors. As someone who always strives to grow, it’s also meaningful to know I am surrounded by a team that wants to grow and build with me. I am excited to see what we will do together.”

Dave and his young family live in NYC where he finds daily inspiration for curated playlists that, like his directing, cannot be contained in a single genre.

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