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Love+Medicine Reconnects kaboom director michele atkins & Preston Kelly for Gundersen Health System

kaboom and director michele atkins reunite with agency Preston Kelly on a new Love + Medicine campaign for Gundersen Health System. This year’s campaign, the fourth collaboration between Kaboom, director atkins and Preston Kelly, takes inspiration from real patient stories whose lifestyle changes are central to a happier, healthier existence.

“Our clients at Gundersen Health wanted to take their Love + Medicine up a notch to create a community health movement in their market,” according to Preston Kelly ECD Chris Preston. “michele’s understanding of the humanity in everyday acts has helped turn what could be pretty standard health care advertising into something emotional that actually touches our audience.”

“It was a great privilege to be a part of this campaign with Preston Kelly and to once again help bring to life moments that are inspiring and truly relatable,” says michele atkins. “Meticulous preparation was a big part of the process, and one that allowed the performances surrounding these simple but vital truths to shine.”

At the heart of each narrative featuring a diverse series of challenges and how the simple adoption of exercise, meditation, and healthful eating can have a big impact. atkin’s directorial approach, observational and naturalistic, imbues each spot with a sense of welcoming and warmth. This year’s campaign also includes companion pieces, 15 spots that offer additional vantage points on health: a cyclist’s eye view, the Zen of meditation, and a smoothie recipe brought to life with stop motion.

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