tobin is a director, cinematographer, photographer and storyteller. Born in the mountains of Colorado, tobin was raised to appreciate the majesty of the natural world. This immense power is a never-ending source inspiration, compelling him to create stories driven by the rawness and authenticity the natural world demands. 

With every film or photograph, tobin is dedicated to producing work that stands out in its space. There is always a unique story to be told, a fresh perspective to be taken, as demonstrated in his collaborations with clients Clif Bar, Camelback, Cole Haan, Mountain Hardware, Huckberry and Hanah, as well as the band :30 Seconds to Mars.  

For these and other collaborations, tobin is known as a creative resource; whether extending the narrative from film to print for a complete campaign, to harnessing his editing and DP talents to support a project’s distinct needs, he’s a director who gives everything to bringing compelling work to life.



Stay tuned for more about Tobin!!